Managing Enterprise-Wide Project

Managing Enterprise-Wide Project

Feb 09

This seminar provides you with high-level planning, monitoring and control techniques that enable you to align diverse organizational needs, develop better business practices and bring projects to successful completion. Learn how to effectively apply technical tools and gain the knowledge that can help you increase the success rate of highly visible, strategically critical projects.

Course Benefit

  • Understand the special environment that applies to enterprise-wide projects
  • Effectively apply technical tools and gain the knowledge that can help you increase the success rate of high-visibility, strategically critical projects
  • Deploy strategies to successfully manage both the portfolio of projects, as well as individual efforts
  • Learn how to deal with stakeholders with divergent interests and agendas
  • Successfully adjust your efforts to changes in business direction

Who Should Attend?

  • Project directors and managers and those seeking advanced project management skills; operations managers

What You Will Learn

  • Why an enterprise-wide project is unique and different
  • Elements of good project structure and management
  • Estimating systems that apply to the enterprise
  • Effective risk management
  • Requirements of mission-critical projects
  • Special issues of global projects
  • How a corporate project office supports individual teams
  • Establishing a portfolio management process
  • Elements of project control systems
  • Understanding earned-value reporting

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